Sharon Murphy/Vice President
I have lived in Valley Center for twenty years and have had horses for the past forty years. I have five acres on Paradise Mountain and I'm fortunate to live very close to amazing trails. I love Valley Center and it's small-town feel even though it is growing. We have a great horse community. The VC Vaqueros is a great place to meet and compete with others who may share your passion for the horse "lifestyle". And, it is a way of life. I am blessed to have the time and energy to take care of six horses - Daisy Mae - a 26 Hafflinger; Savannah - an 18 year-old Pinto; Champ - a 12 year-old Mustang; and Maverick - a 12 year-old question mark. He came with no name and no age. So it's all a guess. year-old Mini horse; Angel - a 24 year-old breeding stock Paint; Wiley - a 20 year-old He is a very handsome Buckskin. Cate Murphy, who just turned 12, is my daughter. She has been riding horses since she could walk and is quite the cowgirl. I feel blessed to offer this way of life to her. Looking forward to shows and activities with the VC Vaqueros!

​​​Joey Claiborne 

The Claiborne Family moved to Valley Center from Vista almost 4 years ago. We have one horse named Ruger, two sheep, a mini pig, ducks/chickens, and four different lizards. We are very active with the Young Riders and Valley Center 4H, where I am one the goat and lamb group leaders.

Julie Picot/PresidentJulie Picot has resided in Valley Center for 16 years and she feels blessed to get to raise her kids in Valley Center. Julie has several horses that she enjoys showing, trail riding, and  riding in parades.  In 2017 Julie and her daughter Samantha were honored to get to ride with the Vaqueros in Tournament of Roses Parade.  She is also the Queen Director for the Valley Center Stampede Rodeo.   She loves to share her passion for horses by encouraging people to show their horses.  Horse shows are a great way to bond and learn with your horse. 

Jennifer Salim

Jennifer is a San Diego native, and has been living in Valley Center since 2011, with her husband and three kids. Since moving here we have become very involved in local community groups and activities, including, Valley Center 4-H, Valley Center Youth Soccer, and Valley Center Vaqueros. Jennifer loves to be involved and support her kids as well as her fellow community members. We own 4 horses, 4 sheep, 1 pig, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 bunnies and a handful of chickens.


OUR MISSION: ​The Valley Center Vaqueros is a family-oriented equestrian club with activities for all ages! The Vaqueros have hosted a wide variety of shows, clinics, & equine events since 1960. In addition, our Young Riders (under 18) and our Drill Posse (18+) participate in community events and parades across Southern California.

Our goal is to improve horsemanship skills, enhance equine care, and increase public awareness through education. The Vaqueros wish to expose our lifestyle to those with no access to horse culture, and to provide after school programs for children not currently involved in traditional athletics.

Diane Ghosh

 Dianne Ghosh has lived in Valley Center for close to 50 years.  After going away to college for a few years she returned to raise her family here. Dianne has several horses and horses have always been a part of her life even though she doesn't ride.  Valley Center Vaqueros is a way to share her love of horses with her own 6 children, and also families in the community who have a love for horses.  Dianne enjoys being a board member and helping with the different shows and activities at Star Valley Park and activities in the community.

Henry Ramelli

 Henry Ramelli moved to Valley Center in 2003 and has been a family member of the Vaqueros since 2004.  His family loves the activities and events put on by the Vaqueros.  Henry states the family atmosphere of the Vaqueros has encouraged his daughter's love for horses and desire to serve the greater Valley Center community.  He is also active in the local churches and Valley Center 4H.

Lisa Burkhard/Treasurer

 Hi having grown up in Valley Center (always with horses) I was excited to move back as an adult with my family.  I have 4 horses, Sabo, Doc, Jackpot and Biscuit.  I have an affinity for Palaminos as evidenced by 3 of my 4 horses.

​I have lived in the Valley Center area for 40+ years. I was a member of the Vaqueros’s in the early 80’s through the 90’s. We became members again when the first of our 3 horse crazy girls started riding. I look forward to helping the club continue to grow and provide a wonderful environment for all in our community who love horses.

2020 Vaqueros Board

Cinnamon Claiborne / Secretary


Leah Bjerknes


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